Professional Business Tools

Supplemental Content - Professional Business Tools

In addition to the more general To Do and Project Plan Tools, this collection provides a set of tools targeted specifically for business professionals to help them to be more effective at work by maintaining both a short term and longer term focus.

Personal Agenda

This downloadable provides a personal planning tool to identify what you want on "your agenda" when meeting with someone at work. For example, this tool works well for maximizing the effectiveness of a weekly meeting with your supervisor. Style 1 provides two lists with 10 elements each and Style 2 provides one 10 element list with more room for each item.

Landscape View - Style 1

Landscape View - Style 2

Portrait View - Style 1

Portrait View - Style 2

Total Number of Pages: 2 pages

Performance Review Log

This downloadable provides a tool for maintaining focus on longer term goals and for tracking both qualitative and quantitative accomplishments. Reviewing and maintaining this document throughout the year will improve readiness and preparation for mid-year and end-of-year performance reviews.

Landscape View - Page 1 of 4

Landscape View - Page 2 of 4

Landscape View - Page 3 of 4

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Portrait View - Page 1 of 2

Portrait View - Page 2 of 2

Typical Week

This downloadable provides a one page quick view of your typical week. This view is useful for identifying fixed meetings and can be posted on your office wall or shared with a friend/significant other.

Typical Week - Monday to Sunday Format

Typical Week - Sunday to Saturday Format

Total Number of Pages: 1 page

Download PDF for single sided printing

Total Number of Pages: 1 page

Download PDF for single sided printing

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