The METIS Planner System

What Is the METIS Planner?
The METIS Planner is a planning system that allows both busy students and busy professionals to uniquely plan, allocate time, and reflect on everything they have to do!

What Is Included In the METIS Planner?
The METIS Planner is a comprehensive printable academic planner that allows you to organize your schedule and all of your to do's.  Uniquely designed pages allow you to plan by week, plan by month and plan by semester. Additional sections and optional downloads make the METIS Planner a complete planning system for all students!

Your METIS Planner is also a place to reflect and to dream. The METIS Planner also includes:

    • Special Occasions Planner 
    • Concept/Ideas 
    • BIG To Do’s 
    • Little To Do’s 
    • Vision Board 
    • Three Year Planning View 

With each METIS Planner purchase, you will also get access to a comprehensive set of supplemental downloadable content that you can print and utilize to customize your planning system to fit your individual needs. Supplemental downloads include the following categories:

    • Academic Helpers 
    • Financial Helpers 
    • Internship and Job Helpers 
    • Goal Trackers 
    • Life’s Little Helpers 
    • 4-Year Undergrad Course Schedule Planning Tools 
    • Grad School Planning Tools
    • Teacher Tools
See either the Supplemental (Bonus) Download section or the How To Section for a complete list and description of the more than 30 current supplemental downloadables.

Why The Name METIS Planner?
Metis was the Greek Goddess of wisdom, planning, advice, and deep thought. She was married to Zeus, and that, of course, led to her share of “Greek” drama in her life. But she did what she needed to do. And she got it done on time, in accordance with her schedule and based on her plan.