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June 15, 2017 Press Release Describing Unique Features That Have Helped Students With ADD/ADHD

Rutgers Graduate Launches Kickstarter Campaign
to Share her College Success Strategies

HOLMDEL, New Jersey – June 7, 2016 – Sarah Waxman, a 2016 graduate from Rutgers University, continues her mission to share her time management strategies and tools to help students get the most out of their academic experiences.  She is launching a second Kickstarter campaign to bring her ideas to market. 

While many students struggle to complete the typical 120 credits required for graduation, Sarah completed over 187 credits and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rutgers University in May of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree while triple majoring in food science research, nutritional science, and biology – all in four years.  As Sarah noted, “I had a very busy schedule and for me, time management was critical. An academic planner was not a nice to have, it was critical to my survival in college. The only problem was, I could never find a planner that worked for me as a busy college student so I decided to design my own planner.”Sarah noted that, “Serving the specific needs of a student with ADD/ADHD was not my design intent, but based on feedback I’ve been getting, trying to solve for my needs as a very busy student seemed to have addressed a more general need.”

A unique feature of the METIS Planner is that each to do item can either be marked as completed or marked as scheduled.  Correspondingly, each daily schedule has a place to mark if each scheduled event or “scheduled” to do item has been completed.  The basic idea is to ensure that time is allocated for critical to do’s so that to do lists don’t get out of control and precious blocks of time don’t slip by day after day.

Both the full page per week for detailed to do’s and the linking of to do’s to daily schedules is what several parents of students with ADD/ADHD have reacted so positively to. After having their child use the 2016-2017 Edition of the METIS Planner, one parent commented that, “By using the structure of the METIS Planner, my eighth grade son has had his most successful year yet.”  Another parent noted, “The full page of to do’s each week integrated with her weekly schedule was exactly what my daughter needed to stay on task.”  

Sarah named her product the METIS Planner, named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom, planning, advice, and deep thought.  In order to gauge continued interest in her product, she is once again utilizing a crowd funding model using Kickstarter.  Kickstarter allows a product designer to present an idea and solicit supporters that agree to fund the project in return for some reward.  Of course, in Sarah’s case, the main reward would be a printed and bound copy of the 2017-2018 METIS Planner and full access to all supplemental downloads providing academic helpers, financial helpers, and goal trackers.

Sarah, who is currently working full time as a food scientist at Mondelēz International and pursing her Masters degree at Rutgers, wants to see students start to use the planner and as described on the Kickstarter page, she will provide a free digital print at home version to anyone that helps spread the word on social media.   The METIS Planner campaign has until July 16, 2017 to meet its funding target of $1,500.

Media Contact: Sarah Waxman or Harvey Waxman (Sarah’s Dad and design/business partner) | 732-739-2851
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