Supplemental/Bonus Content - Complete Bundles

For users that want easy and quick access to ALL Supplemental (Bonus) content, this section includes complete sets of Supplemental (Bonus) content as either a single PDF file or a zip file of multiple individual PDF files.  If you want to print ALL of the Supplemental (Bonus) content at once, download the single PDF file.  If you want to quickly download ALL of the Supplemental (Bonus) files at once, but selective print only specific tools, download the zip file and print individual tools as needed.  Please note that given the smaller user population of education majors and education professionals, the Teacher Tools are NOT included in any of these bundles.

Bundle of All Supplemental (Bonus) Pages

Bundle Description

Download Links

Bundle of All Supplemental (Bonus) Pages

Bundle of All Just For Fun Pages (from the 2016-2017 Edition of the METIS Planner)
Total Number of Pages: 15 Pages

Total Number of Files: 4 Files

Please note that when downloading large files from Google Drive, you may see a warning indicating that Google is not able to run a virus scan on the file you are requesting. This is an expected warning message from Google and you can safely proceed with the download.  If you have any concerns regarding the file you have downloaded, you can right click the file and run your own virus scan before opening the file.

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