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Hall of Fame

We wish to gratefully acknowledge the support and encouragement of our 2017 Kickstarter Supporters.  Without your confidence in our product we would not have been able to deliver the METIS Planner to market.  Thank you so much for making the METIS Planner a reality.  Each of you holds a special place in our Hall of Fame.

Aaron King

Alan Caine

Alexia Ciarfella

Anastasia Adams

Anne Maguire


Becca Gutwirth

Becky Clinton

BK Taylor

C Griswold

Cami Burkhardt

Candice C

Caroline Plocki


Chickie Polanco

Christy Pierce


D Sheehan


Dede Van Zandt

Denise M.

D Mullaly

Dorrin Lewis

Elliot Olschwang

Emily Tyner

Espino-Nardi Family

Grace Leard

Grayling Brown

Hank Eisenstein

Hayman Family

Irvin Skk

Jackie Light


Janis Sterling

Jerry Waldman

Jodi Schuh

K. Elkins

Kathleen Rose Snyder

Kelli Rotert

Kelly Akin

Kora Kostiew

Lisa Hayward

Liz Cappello

Liz Denmark

Lori Singer

Michelle Brown Rackley

Nancy Shelton

Pam Cada

Paula Foss Mantel

Robin-Elise Call

Sandra Tomlinson aka Mrs Motive

Shruti Kulkarni

Sydnee Hansen

Teng Hui Yong

Terry Lineberger

The DiFilippo Family

The Schwab Family

Tiffany Moore

Tom Richar


Valerie McMahon