College Tips:
Too Many To Do's - Just One Suggestion

Making To Do Lists are an excellent way to keep track of everything you need to take care of in college.  Noting assignments, group projects, quizzes, and exams for every class in an organized planner is a great way to stay organized.

But, just looking over your To Do List in the morning and at night is likely to stress you out as your list grows longer and longer.

Sure, prioritizing each item helps, but just one suggestion for taming your to do list - explicitly allocate time for any to do item that you can’t immediately take care of.  For each item, estimate how long you think you need and block off time in your schedule to take care of that task. If the to do item is too large to do in one block of time, break it into more bite sized pieces and allocate time for each sub task.

Using this strategy, you know you will have the time to do what you need to do. 

The METIS Planner was designed specifically for busy college students and has you covered when it comes to all your to do’s – short term, month over month, and semester long projects. 

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