College Tips:
Feeling Tired - Just One Suggestion

Most college students avoid the dreaded 8:00 A.M. class, especially on a Friday morning.  With late nights hanging out with friends, studying, and pulling the occasional all-nighter, there never seems to be enough hours to get a decent night’s sleep. 

Sure, catching up on your sleep deficit over the weekend seems to help, but just one suggestion for not feeling so tired - get a good night’s sleep, every night – that may be 7, 8, or even 9 hours per night.

Sounds silly, but the solution to not feeling tired is to get enough sleep.  You can’t really make up for lost sleep and when you are over tired, simple tasks take longer to do or require unnecessary rework.  You can’t focus so studying takes longer than it should.  This all creates a vicious cycle where because of your lack of sleep, your work load expands and causes you to lose even more sleep.

You may have a large number of things to do during the day and it may seem that the only way to get them done is to work late into the night.  But remember, in college, you are likely in class only 15 out of the 168 hours in the week.  Assume you are able to sleep 8 hours every night - that still leaves almost 100 hours per week to do what you need to do each week – more time than 2 full time jobs.  Plan your time to do what you need to do and avoid letting precious blocks of time slip by.

Also, by simply keeping a log of your sleep patterns, you’ll be able to identify just how much or how little sleep you really need and still be able to operate at peak performance.

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